The accession of Hungary to the European Union provides new opportunities and challenges for the business sector. The goal of the Structural Policy of the Union is to accelerate the development of those South- and Central European Economies, which are substantially below the community level and to eliminate competitive disadvantages. According to the conditions determined in the Community Support Framework, signed in December 2003, Hungary will be authorized to use Community Sources, which reach the potential applicants with the direct mediation and co-financing of administrative authorities (ministries, limited companies, non-profit companies, organizations with national competency).

The complex knowledge of the tender system is an indispensable requirement to implement a successful co-financed EU project. That’s why there is an increasing demand for such project management consulting firms on the market, which work exclusively for success fee and with their trustable operation they help enterprises to promote investments supported by the EU and the Hungarian State. Noticing this market demand, we established our firm in July 2003. Our goal is to support the technological modernization of the domestic small and medium-sized companies through successful projects.

At the moment 14 highly qualified colleagues are working on helping the companies to obtain those community and state sources which can develop their technology. We consider a work done when the tender is successful- this is the core of our business policy. Until submitting and judging the project, you have to pay only the material expenditures in advance (copy of the register, specimen of signature etc.). Our firm doesn’t charge a fixed-sum advance payment. According to our experience there is a need for huge competence to drawdown the won support. Our firm undertakes to provide the successfully applied clients with consultation services during and after the implementation of the investment.

We hope that you give us a vote of confidence and visit us in our office where we can help you to decide which project you should apply for.

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Takács Gábor

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Managing Director


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